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              ryq-0.5 ryq-1.6
              Product Name:ryq-0.5

              Product model number:RYQ-0.5(tiny turn sub- appropriation of equilibrium machine)

              Product category:The turn takes to spread to move a soft to accept series

              Show a way:The work controls a LCD to show

              The product describes:The type RYQ-0.5 soft accepts the equilibrium machine is by oneself that the turn that our company designs a manufacturing take equilibrium machine.The appropriation turns son work at the tiny electrical engineering piece the balance correct.Measure the system adoption whole Chinese LCD the man turn to show system and turn soon, quantity value, mutually whole Chinese number show.6 that turn son can allow to choose and show to keep a view and have a constitution, mark settle, saving, memory show etc. function, gravamen's measuring is shown with"mg".The machine electricity changes an ability machine the adoption press to give or get an electric shock a porcelain and ceramics to spread a feeling machine, its characteristics physical volume is small, the exportation have great capacity, intelligent degree Gao, and function credibility...etc..Spread to move the way adoption"O" a type the turn take and pack to unload convenience and spread to move steady.So this machine operates simple, work efficiency Gao, accuracy Gao Deng.

              1, settle a mark and separate operation and measure all of process tiny machine control, the forerunner's number is the emulation electric circuit that the electric circuit replaces old style and clean the error margin that electric circuit interference and hand operation result in.
              2, slice to spread to move, doing not shut down can immediately complete balance to correct an operation.
              3, the forerunner's diagraph electric circuit doesn't need to be chosen repeatedly work preface directly the operation measure and turn heavy be Gao for Chien and accuracy, stability good.

              Technique specification:
              1, work piece quality scope0.01~ 0.5kg
              2, the biggest diameter of work piece50mm
              3, work piece stalk path scope2~ 15mm
              4, 2 accept a distance10 ~110mm
              5, the balance turn soon300 ~ 5000r|min
              6, the leather belt spread to move a diameter10 ~ 50mm
              7, electric motor parameter220V|0.06kw
              8, drive a wayThe turn takes

              Technique index sign:
              1, the least can attain surplus gravamen to measure:emar:<0.1g.mm|kg
              2, the gravamen measure tapering rate:URR | 95

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