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              Chinese LCD shows to measure system Industrial PC measurement boxes
              Product Name:Chinese LCD shows to measure system

                                                               Chinese LCD shows to measure system

                    Originally show to measure system to is my company in absorbing domestic and international and equilibrium machine top technical foundation and domestic much greatly in the college contacts by oneself design, development of the equilibrium machine examine system, the industrial calculator(single slice of machine) controls system and adopts Taiwan and Japan;Various electronics components in the United States and chip are used the forerunner's technique manufacturing, all products all pass by strict of quality control;Guaranteeing system is high-efficiency, Gao safety, long term the stability circulate.Ability and each specification model number move equilibrium machine to match each other a set.A little bit excellent:


              1, menu, turn soon and mutually and quantity to be worth all Chinese to suggest and measure system to adopt tiny machine to measure system.     The balance examination system adopts the tiny machine test system, menu, turn soon, measure a value, mutually all Chinese show.6 kinds ofs that turn son accept a way to allow to choose, show to keep a view and have memory function.Gravamen's measuring is shown with"gram".Characteristic:

              2, high-efficiency and high accuracy, stability good, operation convenience.

              3, can save ten kinds of different work pieces model number parameter, adjusting can immediately use.

              4, have to remember function

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